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How Ember Mug Heated Up the Competition with a Little Help from Edison's Co.


How Ember Mug Heated Up the Competition with a Little Help from Edison's Co.

Ember Mug is an advanced temperature-adjustable mug that keeps beverages just right for hours, perfect for coffee and tea connoisseurs who relish a quality drinking experience. Using a variety of marketing initiatives, effective social media and public relations planning, and crowd-funding campaigns, Edison's Co. launched Ember's Indiegogo campaign and raised over $320,000.

Edison's Co’s Role in Ember's Success

Ember Mug approached Edison's Co. to help with the launch of their Indiegogo campaign with a goal to raise $100,000. The Company had already developed the product and had a functioning prototype. What they needed was someone to bring the product to life and get people excited about it. And that's where Edison's Co. came in.

Ember Mug understood that in order to be successful, they needed more than just a great product; they needed a great story. And that's where Edison's Co. came in. We worked with Ember Mug to develop a narrative that would resonate with their target audience and get them excited about the product. We also created an infographic to visually tell their story and help them communicate complex information in a concise and easy-to-understand way. Finally, we helped them launch an aggressive social media campaign that generated excitement and got people talking about Ember Mug. Thanks to our efforts, Ember Mug was able to raise over $320,000 on Indiegogo—3 times their original goal! 


It takes more than just a great product to be successful; you need a great story too. That's where Edison's Co. comes in. We specialize in helping companies develop narratives that resonate with their target audiences and get people excited about their products. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you heat up the competition!

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