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Edisons Co is a design-focused coding firm based in Berkeley, California, led by partners Ed O., Alex S., and Giovanno U. The company creates hardware, software, and graphic ideation to full-fledged products for a variety of clients.

Edisons Co. seeks out-of-the-box solutions for small to large clients who need to leapfrog in innovation, with scalable growth in mind. Established in 2015, Edisons Co. brings together entrepreneurs and a team of designers/coders who specialize in digital product design, service design, brand identity, user experience, graphic design, and packaging.

We collaborate across these disciplines to transform great ideas into satisfying, personal experiences that help our clients' businesses succeed.

Having partnered with renown design firm Ammunition, tech companies such as HTC, and service oriented companies such as Lyft, Edison's Co is a powerhouse for innovation and growth. We not only help our clients achieve their vision, we inspire and ignite possibilities that are impossible without an intricate partnership between a stellar client and an agency filled with strategies and professionalism.

Like Thomas Edison's, who improved on the lightbulb design, Edison's Co is all about iterations, design, and strategy that bring your business to the next level.

Edisons Co. is also the parent company of and Upsync Berkeley, which connect college students from UC Berkeley and Stanford to major corporations to coach and provide premium consulting services.

Edisons Co, based in Berkeley, California, is comprised of industry veterans as well as young, ambitious minds who are bright minded and results driven.

Edisons Co. has worked with over 30 high-performing clients from a variety of industries. Edisons Co. works with over 300 engineers and designers, ranging from top-performing full-stack engineers to veteran certified UX/UI designers.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our projects or potentially work with us.

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